Đo hiệu suất ổ đĩa máy tính HARD GHI AUDIO Cách tốt nhất để thiết lập ổ đĩa cứng máy tính của bạn để ghi lại âm thanh kỹ thuật số là gì? Số liệu thống kê hữu ích có thể được khó khăn để đi qua, do đó, | PC HARD DRIVE RECORDING Página 1 de 8 feature pc mu sltia n PC HARD DRIVE PERFORMANCE easy access MEASURING PC HARD DRIVE AUDIO RECORDING PERFORMANCE What s the best way to set up your PC s hard drive for digital audio recording Useful statistics can be hard to come by so Martin Walker runs his own tests. Once you move beyond an entry-level PC as I just have -see the box on page 100 it becomes even more important to optimise your system if you are to achieve its maximum potential. You may have the fastest SCSI drive in the world but this doesn t automatically ensure a blistering MIDI Audio performance. This depends also on both operating system and audio software settings as well as setting up the hardware correctly. When measuring hard disk performance for audio purposes it is the sustained data transfer rate of the drive that is important but manufacturers rarely give this. Access Time and Spin Speed are often quoted but frequently only a burst transfer rate is given which of course is a lot faster than the sustained rate . Even when you do have such figures however it can be tricky to work out how many audio tracks your system is capable of giving you because many other things affect this number. Any of you with a SCSI drive and a copy of Adaptec s EZ-SCSI will have the SCSIbench utility see opposite which allows you to select Same Sector Sequential and Random reads during drive speed tests. As you might expect continually reading the same sector from any hard drive will give far higher results than when moving the read write heads as you go Sequential and the slowest speed will be when leaping about all over the drive as you would if it had a lot of fragmentation for instance . To give you an example after I had set up tests for a 64K transfer size the Ultra Wide SCSI drive in my new machine gave a reading of about 15Mb sec for Sequential reads this is the most useful figure . For Same Sector I O however this leapt to about 31Mb second and for Random I O it .

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