Báo cáo y học: " The impact of inpatient suicide on psychiatric nurses and their need for support"

Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: The impact of inpatient suicide on psychiatric nurses and their need for support | Takahashi et al. BMC Psychiatry 2011 11 38 http 1471-244X 11 38 BMC Psychiatry RESEARCH ARTICLE Open Access The impact of inpatient suicide on psychiatric nurses and their need for support 1 2 2 3 2 2 Chizuko Takahashi Fuminori Chida Hikaru Nakamura Hiroshi Akasaka Junko Yagi Atsuhiko Koeda Eri Takusari 2 Kotaro Otsuka2 Akio Sakai2 Abstract Background The nurses working in psychiatric hospitals and wards are prone to encounter completed suicides. The research was conducted to examine post-suicide stress in nurses and the availability of suicide-related mental health care services and education. Methods Experiences with inpatient suicide were investigated using an anonymous self-reported questionnaire which was along with the Impact of Event Scale-Revised administered to 531 psychiatric nurses. Results The rate of nurses who had encountered patient suicide was . The mean Impact of Event Scale-Revised IES-R score was . The proportion of respondents at a high risk 25 on the 88-point IES-R score for post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD was . However only of respondents indicated that they had access to post-suicide mental health care programmes. The survey also revealed a low rate of nurses who reported attending in-hospital seminars on suicide prevention or mental health care for nurses and respectively . Conclusions These results indicated that nurses exposed to inpatient suicide suffer significant mental distress. However the low availability of systematic post-suicide mental health care programmes for such nurses and the lack of suicide-related education initiatives and mental health care for nurses are problematic. The situation is likely related to the fact that there are no formal systems in place for identifying and evaluating the psychological effects of patient suicide in nurses and to the pressures stemming from the public perception of nurses as suppliers rather than recipients of health care. Background .

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