Báo cáo hóa học: "Synthesis of Tin Nitride SnxNy Nanowires by Chemical Vapour Deposition"

Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Synthesis of Tin Nitride SnxNy Nanowires by Chemical Vapour Deposition | Nanoscale Res Lett 2009 4 1103-1109 DOI s11671-009-9364-0 NANO EXPRESS Synthesis of Tin Nitride SnxNy Nanowires by Chemical Vapour Deposition Matthew Zervos Andreas Othonos Received 5 March 2009 Accepted 26 May 2009 Published online 20 June 2009 to the authors 2009 Abstract Tin nitride SnxNy nanowires have been grown for the first time by chemical vapour deposition on n-type Si 111 and in particular by nitridation of Sn containing NH4Cl at 450 C under a steady flow of NH3. The SnNy nanowires have an average diameter of 200 nm and lengths 5 m and were grown on Si 111 coated with a few nm s of Au. Nitridation of Sn alone under a flow of NH3 is not effective and leads to the deposition of Sn droplets on the Au Si 111 surface which impedes one-dimensional growth over a wide temperature range . 300-800 C. This was overcome by the addition of ammonium chloride NH4Cl which undergoes sublimation at 338 C thereby releasing NH3 and HCl which act as dispersants thereby enhancing the vapour pressure of Sn and the one-dimensional growth of SnxNy nanowires. In addition to the action of dispersion Sn reacts with HCl giving SnCl2 which in turn reacts with NH3 leading to the formation of SnxNy NWs. A first estimate of the band-gap of the SnxNy nanowires grown on Si 111 was obtained from optical reflection measurements and found to be eV. Finally intricate assemblies of nanowires were also obtained at lower growth temperatures. Keywords Tin nitride Nanowires Synthesis Chemical vapor deposition M. Zervos El Nanostructured Materials and Devices Laboratory Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Materials Science Group University of Cyprus . Box 20537 1678 Nicosia Cyprus e-mail zervos@ A. Othonos Department of Physics Research Centre of Ultrafast Science University of Cyprus . Box 20537 1678 Nicosia Cyprus Introduction Nitrides and in particular group III-Nitride III-N compound semiconductors such as GaN InN and AlN have been investigated .

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