When Does It Pay To Plant Bt Corn? Farm-Level Economic Impacts of Bt Corn, 1996-2001

The importance of the shrimp industry Shrimp production area is the second largest exporter of Bangladesh after ready made garments with a market share of about 5% of total exports of Bangladesh in 1990. in FY2003 shrimp exports reached million is of total export. Market share in total exports of shrimp export earnings from fish and fish products nearly 90% (2003). More than 2 million people are involved in upstream and downstream activities related to the domestic shrimp industry - culture, harvesting, processing, export and other support activities | When Does It Pay To Plant Bt Corn Farm-Level Economic Impacts of Bt Corn 1996-2001 The ECB Numbers Game Surprising Variability in Bt and Conventional Corn Yields Price -- A Poor Indicator of Performance A Consequential Choice Farm-Level Economic Impacts of Bt Corn 1996-2001 Charles M. Benbrook Benbrook Consulting Services Sandpoint Idaho November 2001 This report summarizes for farm community audiences the major findings of a longer technical report by Dr. Benbrook entitled The Farm-Level Economic Impacts of Bt Corn from 1996 through 2001 An Independent National Assessment hereafter called the Technical Report . Readers interested in methodological details and fuller information on data sources should refer to the Technical Report that is published in its entirety on the IATP website at http as well as on Ag BioTech InfoNet at http Bt farmlevel Later this month look for a second report on Bt corn this one focusing on farmsector wide impacts of this technology. It addresses the distribution of direct and indirect costs and benefits identifies winners and losers and projects longer-run implications. 1 When Does It Pay To Plant Bt Corn Farm-Level Economic Impacts of Bt Corn 1996-2001 Introduction and Summary Corn hybrids genetically engineered to express Bacillus Thuringiensis Bt toxins were developed in the 1980s and commercially introduced in the mid-1990s. The first regulatory approvals were granted in 1992-1993 allowing limited experimental plantings. Significant acreage of Bt corn varieties was first planted in 1996. Corn farmers have now planted over 70 million acres of Bt corn a testament to farmers openness to new technology. It is amazing that so many acres of Bt corn have been planted without a credible independent national assessment of farm-level economic impacts. This report presents the major findings and conclusions of a longer Technical Report accessible at http Bt farmlevel .

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