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Bài giảng Quản trị thương hiệu: Tài sản thương hiệu - ThS. Đặng Đình Trạm | 10 Things They Never Tell You When You Start Work .And Why A Free Report from Ryan Stephenson Who is Ryan Stephenson After graduating with a . in Materials Science Ryan began his career in production management at British Steel. Several years later he decided to move up a level. He quit moved to Cambridge and gained his Masters Degree in Business Administration. Several years on the consultancy circuit followed realising significant profits for his clients chiefly through productivity improvements training and change management. After a brief return to production management he decided to use his years of experience for better things and founded ProFile Career Dynamics to pass on this experience and knowledge for the benefit of as many people as possible. He is now also a professional copywriter creating sales promotions for clients in traditional advertising media. This combination of business knowledge and marketing savvy is an ideal mix to give winning advice and guidance on how to plan and build a sound career and on how to promote yourself in the job market. He is also the author of Career Magic - How To Get Employers To Work For You. The New Realities Of Job Hunting And Career Progression - A Complete Guide This must-read for any modern day career person details How to create your own killer CV How to breeze through interviews with confidence and authority How to career plan How to benefit from flagging organisations And reveals great answers to the toughest interview questions. This introductory booklet will give you a taste of his style insights and of the practicality of Career Dynamics information. It also clearly demonstrates whose side he is on. Yours io Things They Never Tell You When You Start Work .And Why You are about to discover some very useful insights into the world of work. Insights that should make your working days less stressful more understandable and meaningful and quite possibly more lucrative too. These few pages divulge some very .

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