Đề tài "Iwasawa’s Main Conjecture for elliptic curves over anticyclotomic Zp-extensions"

Let E be an elliptic curve over Q, let p be an ordinary prime for E, and let K be an imaginary quadratic field. Write K∞/K for the anticyclotomic Zp-extension of K and set G∞ = Gal(K∞/K). Following a construction of Section 2 of [BD1] which is recalled in Section 1, one attaches to the data (E,K, p) an anticyclotomic p-adic L-function Lp(E,K) which belongs to the Iwasawa algebra Λ := Zp[[G∞]]. This element, whose construction was inspired by a formula proved in [Gr1], is known, thanks to work of Zhang ([Zh, §]), to interpolate special values of the complex L-function of E/K twisted by characters of G∞