Challenging Corporate Investor Rule

Many people gave generously of their knowledge, insight, guidance and expertise during the research and writing of this report. It depended heavily on information provided by CARE staff in Africa: Moses Akadimah in Ghana, Sophie Chitedze and Abdoul Karim Coulibaly in Tanzania, Yetnayet Girmaw in Ethiopia, Thomas Joseph in South Africa, Tafirenyika Kakono in Zimbabwe, Abdou Fati Karine in Côte d’Ivoire, Mamadou Keita and Fadimata Mahamane in Mali, Geoffrey Kumwenda in Malawi, Grace Majara in Uganda, Saa Antoine Milimono in Sierra Leone, George Mkoma in Tanzania, Joseph Nindorera in Burundi, Glycerie Nyibizi in Rwanda, Nelly Otieno in Kenya, Rasoatiana and.