Báo cáo khoa học: "A Unification-based Approach to Morpho-syntactic Parsing of Agglutinative and Other (Highly) Inflectional Languages"

This paper introduces a new approach to morpho-syntactic analysis through Humor 99 (High-speed Unification ), a reversible and unification-based morphological analyzer which has already been integrated with a variety o f industrial applications. Humor 99 successfully copes with problems o f agglutinative (. Hungarian, Turkish, Estonian) and other (highly) inflectional languages (. Polish, Czech, German) very effectively. The authors conclude the paper by arguing that the approach used in Humor 99 is general enough to be well suitable for a wide range o f languages, and can serve as basis for higher-level linguistic operations such as shallow parsing. .

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86    109    2    19-06-2024
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