Position in for-profit sector assisting organization Position in for-profit sector | Natalie R. Constantine College Address: 451-L E. Roanoke Street Blacksburg, VA 24060 (540) 953-5553 nconst@ Permanent Address: 1302 Marquis Court Fallston, MD 21047 (410) 877-8142 natc@ Objective Position in for-profit sector assisting organization in natural resource conservation and compliance with environmental laws and regulations. Education B. S. Natural Resources, Environmental Resource Management, December 2002 Minor: Environmental Science Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), Blacksburg, Virginia Major GPA: Overall GPA International Studies on Sustainability in Europe, Summer 2001 Experience Legal Assistant, Mark R. Stanley, Attorney at Law, Christiansburg, Virginia April 2001 – present, part-time during academic year Assisted the attorney in various matters concerning real estate, social services, criminal, family and common law cases Gained practical experience and knowledge in legal issues and terminology Co-op, Mead Paper, Chillicothe, Ohio May – August 2000, January – May 2001, August – December 2001 Worked on a large-scale Ecosystem Research Project in cooperation with the . Learned various industrial aspects of using natural resources Used GIS and GPS systems to inspect pine tree plantations and map company lands Technical Assistant, Johnson Controls, Inc., Sparks, Maryland May – August 1999 Assisted mechanical engineers with HVAC system design Transferred and edited design drawings on computer programs Office Assistant, Tritronics, Inc., Abingdon, Maryland March 1997 – January 2000, part-time during school Gained experience in general office duties, including typing, filing, faxing, answering phones and computer use Packed and shipped inventory electronic parts nationwide using computerized shipping equipment for carriers such as FedEx, UPS, RPS and US Mail Volunteer, 1996 Olympic Games, Centennial Gateway Pavilion, Atlanta, Georgia Summer 1996 Served an international clientele adjacent to Olympic Park Skills GIS, GPS, AutoCAD, MS Word, MS Excel Honors & Activities Virginia Tech Environmental Resources Club (1998 – present) Founder and president of student club promoting interest in the environment Planned social activities around environmental issues to enhance student interest Organized and chaired a large environmental debate Xi Sigma Pi, National Forestry Honor Society (1999 – present) Alpha Delta Pi Sorority (since 1999)

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