Fire Lizard

Tài liệu tham khảo cách gấp Fire Lizard bằng giấy của Perry Bailey. | Fire Lizard By Perry Bailey Copyright 1997 Inspired by The works of Anne McCaffrey 1. Colored side up. As you can see this model is based on the traditional flapping bird base and yes it will flap its wings pbailey@ 1 of 5 Thin the neck down by folding over the flap to the upper edge of the neck while at the same time folding back the flap to the point where the center hump meets the edge of the wing. Repeat on the other side. Fold over flaps on both sides to form the front legs. Mountain fold the base of the neck inside of itsself with out folding the out side flap that makes up the front leg. Repeat on other side. 2 of 5 11. at this point we need to look a little closer at the head so we will enlarge it in the next frame. Now there is a double layer at the top of the head reach in and bring out the doubled layer on each side of the head one side at a time. Be careful not to tear the paper at the back of the head as you pull out the layers and bring them down. The head will not lie flat. 12. the effect should be something like this then valley fold the tip of the nose over twice to finish the head. 3 Of

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