Some folds and puzzles using paper_Origami Fun

Tài liệu tham khảo cách gấp giấy của Origami Fun, dễ dàng và vui nhộn. | Here are some folds puzzles using paper. banger Rick Nordal s surprise fold foil flower paper pistol sasaki s puzzle sunglasses Simple Models - fù Banger works with other rectangles - the bigger the louder Origami Surprise print this page cut out the picture below follow the instructions Cut out this square diagram then fold paper in half along dotted line. Do not unfold. Make sure this side of paper MB remains on the outside. In just a few minutes fold this paper. into a amazing jumping toy In alphabetical order fold same two letters together so that they kiss each other. Letters ALB C fold and then unfold. All other letters fold but do not unfold. To make your toy jump push down on very back edge and slide your finger away from the toy. Can you jump this toy into a cup Enjoy

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