Big Brands & Facebook

Anticipate that the demographics will change rapidly over the next 12-18 months • Adjust your marketing plans and plan for flexibility • Beware of relying on what worked yesterday, especially with fickle college students and newbie 35+ users | Big Brands & Facebook: Demographics, Case Studies & Best Practices Charlene Li Vice President & Principal Analyst Forrester Research October 8, 2007 Theme Facebook marketing requires communicating, not advertising Agenda What are the demographics of Facebook users? What are some best practices for brand marketing on Facebook? Facebook’s demographics 60 million active users projected by end of 2007 Currently at 44 million active users Half of current users return daily Facebook also projects that 75% of worldwide users will be outside of college Source: Facebook A drill down of Facebook’s US demographics female have some college education 14% are non-white 34% work as professionals, executives, sales, education, or technical 12% are full time students 12% have children under 16 Source: Nielsen//NetRatings Facebook’s international age distribution Source: Facebook internal data, September 2007 .

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