Nitrogen Gas Springs P1

The extensive range of FIBRO Gas Springs constitutes an ideal supplement to and expansion of the traditional programmes of spring elements such als helical springs, disc springs and elastomer units. With their minimal space requirement, Gas Springs close a gap where ever the accent is on accomodation of the utmot force component within a minimum of space – or where exceedingly large travel is demanded: FIBRO Gas Springs take care of both demands, even in combination. Their self-contained nitrogen charge makes FIBRO Gas Springs completely autonomous devices. Feeder pipes or storage vessel are not required. Monitoring of charge pressure, however,. | o 3-9-9Z993 subject to alterations f107 Gas Springs Two-Chamber System 2480. 2-8605-2002-6 F108 subject to alterations 2490. Compact-Gas Springs Single-Chamber System 2-10468-6-1 subject to alterations .

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