Corrosion: Fundamentals, Testing, and Protection P1

ASM International is pleased to publish ASM Handbook, Volume 13A, Corrosion: Fundamentals, Testing, and Protection, the first book in a two-volume revision of the landmark 1987 Metals Handbook, 9th Edition volume on corrosion. ASM Handbook, Volume 13A has been completely revised and updated to address the needs of ASM International members and the global technical community for current and comprehensive information on corrosion principles, evaluation techniques, and protection methods. Advances in material science and corrosion technologies since the 1987 Corrosion volume was published have lessened some of the costs and degradation caused by corrosion | g Q M VOLUME 13A Corrosion Fundamentals Testing and Protection ASM INTERNATIONAL The Materials Information Company Publication Information and Contributors Introduction Corrosion Fundamentals Testing and Protection was published in 2003 as Volume 13A of the ASM Handbook. The Volume was prepared under the direction of the ASM Handbook Committee. Volume Editors The Volume Editors were Stephen D. Cramer and Bernard S. Covino Jr. Authors and Contributors Thomas A. Adler Albany Research Center . Department of Energy . Adler Flitton Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory Vinod S. Agarwala Naval Air Systems Command Tatyana N. Andryushchenko Intel Corporation Peggy J. Arps University of California Irvine Denise Aylor Naval Surface Warfare Center Robert Baboian RB Corrosion Service Christopher C. Berndt State University of New York Stony Brook Marita L. Berndt Brookhaven National Laboratory Bennett P. Boffardi Bennett P. Boffardi and Associates Inc. Stuart Bond TWI Ltd. Alan Bray Systems and Materials Research Consultancy Michiel . Brongers CC Technologies Laboratories Inc. Craig L. Brooks Analytical Processes Engineered Solutions Inc. Rudolph G. Buchheit The Ohio State University Kenneth C. Cadien Intel Corporation Richard E. Chinn Albany Research Center . Department of Energy Sean G. Corcoran Virginia Tech University Bernard S. Covino Jr. Albany Research Center . Department of Energy Bruce D. Craig MetCorr Stephen D. Cramer Albany Research Center . Department of Energy Chester Dacres Dacco Sciences Inc. Marek Danielewski AGH University of Science and Technology Krakow Guy Davis Dacco Sciences Inc. Sheldon Dean Dean Corrosion Technology Stephen C. Dexter University of Delaware David Dreisinger University of British Columbia James C. Earthman University of California Irvine Peter Elliott Corrosion Materials Consultancy Inc. E. Escalante National Institute of Science and Technology Retired Allen D. Feller Intel Corporation Paul B. Fischer .

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