3DS Max 6 Bible P2

When you first got your hands on 3ds max, you were probably focused on one goal—to create cool 3D images and animations. I know many of you bought Max to make money, claim a tax write-off, earn a way to Hollywood, or impress your girlfriend or boyfriend, but I’ll just ignore those reasons for now. The goal is to create something cool. | xl 3ds max 6 Bible Using Vertex Colors .1166 Assigning vertex colors .1166 Painting vertices with the Vertex Paint Tutorial Marking heart The Assign Vertex Color Rendering to a General Settings and Baking Output Tutorial Baking the textures for a dog Summary .1173 Chapter 51 Max and Max and Autodesk VIZ support .1175 HDRI File Using AEC Tutorial Add stairs to a clock tower Using Architectural Summary .1181 Chapter 52 Max and Special Tutorial Creating a Black Hole Using Particle Tutorial Creating Icy Geometry with Tutorial Using Caustic Photons to Create a Disco Ball .1186 Summary .1187 Appendix A What s New with Max 6 .1189 Appendix B Installing and Configuring 3ds max Appendix C Max Keyboard Appendix D What s on the End-User License Learning the Max Interface PART In This Part Quick Start Animating a Monster Truck at the Beach Chapter 1 Finding Your Way Exploring the Max Interface Chapter 2 Seeing it All Working with the Viewports Chapter 3 Working with Files and XRefs Chapter 4 Customizing the Max Interface and Setting Preferences I

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