Agricultural development towards sustainability in the Red River Delta

The thesis was undertaken to build a scientific basis for the solution of agricultural development towards sustainability in the Red River Delta in Vietnam. | However, due to the scope of the study, most of the major research projects on sustainable development in general; Research the position and role, the necessity of sustainable development, build content and criteria for sustainable development. Some work has clarified the relationship with the field of sustainable development of economic life, other societies. While there are some studies on RRD, reflecting some aspect of the object and scope of the thesis research but did not go into specific research in the field of agriculture. On the other hand, do not have any projects focused on the economic territory as RRD important in terms of political Economics. There is no works that mention the views and solutions towards sustainable rural development in the Red River Delta. The projects focus on the three pillars of sustainable development in economic, environmental and social. No one works to address the issue of sustainability into social and sustainable development combined with the consolidation of defense - security, contribute to building a solid defense area.

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