Developing the network of retail business for modern goods in Phu Tho Province

The interpretation of scientific basis (theory and practice), defined the conditions and proposed solutions to develop the network of modern retail outlets in Phu Tho Province. | First, to clarify the basis of the reasoning of condition for the development of the network of the modern retail agencies in the province, through the introduction of a number of related concepts such as "retail", "modern" retail, "modern" retail establishments, "developing modern retail network". Analyze and provide these arguments about growing conditions type of modern retail on a geographical space is a province. The thesis has proven: To develop the network of modern retail establishments should have the following conditions: there is a system, mechanism and policy of comprehensive development services distribution of modern retail, the economy must grow at a certain level about the environment, socio-cultural, natural conditions, infrastructure as well as engineering science and technology to meet the requirements. Besides, the dissertation has to learn the experience of modern retail business development of China, Thailand, Japan and draw the lessons that can be applied to the process of development of the network of modern retail agencies in Phu Tho province.

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