Building and applying interactive screen experiment in developing positiveness, self-reliance and creativity of students in teaching mechanical motion of particle (Physics 10)

Building and applying interactive screen experiment in teaching and studying mechanical movement of particle in Physic 10 to develop active awareness, self-study and creativity of the students. | Research subjects in interactive screen experiment are real physical processes or phenomena that are recorded (video capture or capture) as root and put into the computer, using computer software tools, then pupils can learn to manipulate on screen objects to interact with researchers, alters the object of study according to the purpose, order your own research and get the corresponding results. Interactive experiments on screen with features like a physics experiments such as the conditions of the experiment were selected and are set intentionally so through experiments, can answer the question posed, may test the hypothesis or the consequences deduced from the theory; the conditions of the experiment can be transformed so that we can study the dependence between two quantities while other variables held constant; the conditions of the experiment are contained, controlled properly as intended by the use of laboratory equipment with precision the extent necessary; may observe the change of certain quantities due to the change of other quantities; can repeat the experiment.

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