Human Resources Quality in Socio-Economic Development of Lai Chau Province

Purpose of study: To provide scientific foundation for planning and adjusting strategies, plans and policies of Lai Chau Province’s socio-economic development; To contribute to defining new and modern development methods for Lai Chau Province, which is basing on HRQ and technology with the orientation of sustainable development. | The target for HR development of Lai Chau province until 2020 is determined specifically in the Plan for human resources development of Lai Chau in the period of 2011-2020 (People’s Council of the Province, including: (1) Building HR with good health, profession skills, ethics and appropriate structure according to the requirements of socio-economic development of the Province, those who have full capacity to promote the economic growth speed, bring Lai Chau out of poverty and underdevelopment. (2) Forming human resources of high quality towards meeting national standard and of comprehensive development in health, intelligence, ability and ethics, ability to adapt to and integrate the socio-economic development process of the whole country and the world. (3) Building high level human resources in management areas (State management, Social management, Economic management and Business Management), Science-Technology, Education-Training, Health and Culture has decisive meaning to rapid and sustainable development of the province in the period until 2020, to improve the role, position, potential and competitive capacity of the province in the North midlands and mountainous area.

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