Topic 2: services nowadays

Tiểu luận tiếng anh chủ đề các dịch vụ ngày nay. Tài liệu hướng dẫn bạn cách viết tiếng anh sao cho đúng ngữ pháp và đầy đủ nội dung theo chủ đề. | Second, may be I’ll give the attention to shopping service- one thing necessary to the household concern and especially to the women-the shopaholics. You have some money and you are worrying what to buy, which price to pay. Nowadays you don’t need to ask such questions, we have the modern shopping system through out our country. In Big C or Metro, you’ll be shock when seeing their huge amount and the various kinds of goods at the first time. The mothers and sisters will spend most of their time at Big C, and I’m sure their husbands will find a hole in their pocket. Be careful with shopaholics. But is it good or bad? I think both of them. In the past, we have market place; I still remember how wonderful I felt when going to the market place with my mum. We often have the market day- in Sunday as usual. Here we can make a bargain with the sellers, and it’s like an award if you buy something at the low price after the effort of bargaining. In Big C, you never have the feeling of bargaining because all the prices are determined and written clearly on the wrapping except in the case of purchase encouragement campaign. And one thing many people don’t take into account, it’s that all the big shopping system like Big C or Metro belonging to the foreign company. If you buy their products , it means you directly distort the inner shopping industry. That’s why our shopping industry always play the role of loser in the internationally competitive world.

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