Vietnam Journal of Mechanics, Dang Dinh Ang: Nonlinear analysis and mechanics

A further illustration of the interest shown in the 1950's for dynamic problems involving stationary cracks is given by the occurrence of a doctor's thesis in the California Institute of Technology by , who considered the same problem as Maue and used the Wiener-Hopt technique after solution of dual integral equations. | Vietnam J ournal of Mechanics, VAST, Vol. 28 , No . 1 (2006) , pp. 1-9 DANG DINH ANG: NONLINEAR ANALYSIS AND MECHANICS (ON THE OCCASION OF HIS EIGHTIETH BIRTHDAY) NGUYEN VAN DA0 1 , NGUYEN DUNG 2 1 2 Vietnam National University, Hanoi Institute of Applied M echanics, VAST Professor Dang Dinh Ang is having his eightieth birthday this year. In honor of the occasion, the Institute of Applied Mechanics and the Institute of Mechanics of The Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology, and the Laboratoire de Mechanique des Solides , Ecole Polytechnique P aris, with the participation of Vietnam Society of Mathematics, Vietnam Associa tion of Mechanics will jointly organize an International Conference on "Nonlinear Analysis and Engineering Mechanics Today" at the Institut e of Applied Mechanics, Vietna mese Academy of Science and Technology. December 11-14, 2006 in Hochiminh Ci ty. Vietna m. On the occru ·on · ~eventieth bir hdav. h ar Kl o,111g Dinh Ang: The nrst ev nty year ·'Acta_ fo·l. matica ietnan:Jca·· 2 . ·o. 3 (1995) by N. H. Anh, N. X. Sanh and T. D . Van gave d · ful ; a o - -he cientific career and family life of this eminent cientist. \\·e pr rr below more d tails. r , 6 _ larch _926 in Thuy Duong, Chuong My. Ha Tay. Professor Ang was After hi s condary ed c : n ii! H i . went t o the University of Kansas (KU) to tudy Aeronautical En · · "'. A§- r .-atiua ing from KU in 1955 he went to Caltech (Cali fornia Institu e of T. ~ :o:- studies and. obtained bi in Aeromu1t ic ~ 1illd N!athematic i: : • . He ecame a doctoral fellow in Aeronautics, Caltech 195 19 0, which he' , p >Oh. 'Head of T he " D epartment of Saigon Univ rsity. which po itio .• _ d ii 1975 at which date he became Director of The Anal~ i:; Laboratory of C' 'University of Science. H was appointed Profes or of iatic in 19 0. Danu Dinh Ang has held ,-~-~:~::1g appointments in some famous international institutiom· ir, ~h United State .

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