Ovarian cancer cells with CD133+ phenotype is more resistant against Ngai Bun Boesenbergia pandurata extract than original ovarian cancer cells

Ovarian cancer is one of the most common cancers in women. Due to the difficulty in early detection and treatment of ovarian cancer, many research studies and clinical trials have been developed to discover more efficient therapies. Besides Western medicine, traditional medicine has gained increased interest as a research field with potential to lead to the production of marketable therapeutic products. With the diversity of tropical plants in Asia, traditional medicine has been very popular and has served as a traditional therapy for generations. The Ngai bun (Boesenbergia pandurata) root is used not only as a food spice but also in ethnomedicine. This study aimed to compare the anti-tumor activity of Boesenbergia pandurata root extract against ovarian cancer cells and CD133+ovarian cancer cells that were enriched from the original ovarian cancer cells. |

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55    9    1    03-10-2022
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