Photocatalytic treatment of volatile organic compounds emitted from mosquito repel incense burning

Mosquito-repellent incense (MRI) is a widely used product in the household. Although the quality of MRI has been strictly managed, it still has certain health effects in practical use. This study investigated the level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in MRI smoke and its removal ability by photocatalysis. An online survey was conducted using Google form to select three typical types of MRI which are the most popular use in Vietnam (., MOSFLY, RAID, and JUMBO VAPE) as well as their use level and condition. These types of MRIs were then burnt in a normal room for 8 h to determine the level of air pollution emission. Results from room test show that the tVOCs concentration emitted from one of the MRIs was as high as 1621 ppb, which was the highest pollution level among the three MRIs tested. |

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157    10    1    02-10-2022
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