Hardware architectures of visible light communication transmitter and receiver for beacon-based indoor positioning systems

In this paper, we introduce a compact Polar-code-based VLC receivers. in which flicker mitigation of the system can be guaranteed even without RLL codes. In particular, we utilized the centralized bit-probability distribution of a pre-scrambler and a Polar encoder to create a non-RLL flicker mitigation solution. At the receiver, a 3-bit soft-decision filter was implemented to analyze signals received from the VLC channel to extract log-likelihood ratio (LLR) values and feed them to the Polar decoder. Therefore, the proposed receiver could exploit the soft-decoding of the Polar decoder to improve the error-correction performance of the system. Due to the non-RLL characteristic, the receiver has a preeminent code-rate and a reduced complexity compared with RLL-based receivers. We present the proposed VLC receiver along with a novel very-large-scale integration (VLSI) architecture, and a synthesis of our design using FPGA/ASIC synthesis tools. |

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