A Project Management Guideline From Le Ngoc Ha

Method empowering manager to succeed. project management guidebook. Distribution copyright. | PROJECT MANAGEMENT GUIDEBOOK 12 ISBN 0-473-10445-8 3 About this ebook Distribution Copyright Hi and thank you for downloading this free ebook This ebook has been provided to you free of from charge, on the condition that it’s not copied, modified, published, sold, re-branded, hired out This ebook helps you to manage projects more or otherwise distributed for commercial purposes. successfully by describing each of the steps in the We’ve used stenography techniques to identify Project Lifecycle. copying. Every phase, activity and task is described, helping you to apply a best practice approach to managing your project. Please feel free to distribute this ebook to anyone you like, including peers, friends If you want to deliver your projects on time and and team members, to help them to achieve within budget, then this short ebook will give you project management success. the knowledge you’re looking for. We hope you find it valuable . By reading it you will learn how to initiate, plan, execute and close projects properly. Kind regards You’ll also learn how to manage time, cost, quality, change, risk and issues. And finally, you’ll learn how to manage staff, customers and suppliers. For the complete set of project management templates which complement this ebook, see Jason Westland, CEO There you will find a comprehensive suite of templates to help you complete every step in the project lifecycle. © 2003 Method123 Ltd. All rights reserved. © 2003 Method123 Ltd. All rights reserved. Visit Table of Contents 1. Introduction. 4 Welcome 4 What is a Project?. 4 What is Project .

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