Xác định nhóm mỏ và mạng lưới thăm dò quặng vàng gốc vùng Attapeu, CHDCND Lào

Bài viết giới thiệu kết quả xác lập nhóm mỏ và mạng lưới thăm dò vàng gốc vùng Attapeu, nước Cộng hòa Dân chủ Nhân dân Lào bằng tổ hợp phương pháp truyền thống, kết hợp phương pháp toán địa chất. Kết quả nghiên cứu rút ra một số kết luận sau: Vùng nghiên cứu có cấu trúc địa chất khá phức tạp. | Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences Vol. 63 Issue 1 2022 1 - 14 1 Establishing the mining deposit groups and the gold exploration network patterns in the Attapeu area Lao PDR Houmphavanh Phatthana 1 Phuong Nguyen 2 Dung Tien Nguyen 2 Sang Viet Bui 3 1 Department of Geology Polytechnic College Lao PDR 2 Faculty of Geosciences and Geology Engineering Hanoi University of Mining and Geology Vietnam 3 Intergeo Delegation 6 Intergeo Division Vietnam ARTICLE INFO ABSTRACT Article history This paper initially clarified the context of primary gold mineralization in Received 16th Oct. 2021 the Attapeu area Lao People s Democratic Republic. It proposed the Accepted 23rd Jan. 2022 priority for the exploration using the conventional technique combined Available online 28th Feb. 2022 with the geological mathematic method. The research essentially Keywords summarized that the study area had a complex geological and structural Attapeu setting the mineralization zones or gold orebodies most likely formed as a Gold exploration network lens shape and or mineralized single vein or vein zone extending from a few tens of meters to greater than 500 meters long within a single dipping Group of mines angle of 450 800 the geometric of orebodies likely illustrated as small to Lao PDR. medium size. The mineralization zone significantly extended following the geological setting indicating consistent to the strongly inconsistent group Vm . Medium- to high-grade gold ores are commonly found in each ore body and identified as a homogeneous to strongly inhomogeneous group Vc 785 . Regarding the exploration criteria exploring primary gold mineralization in the Attapeu area fits well with the mineral exploration group III. To estimate the ore reserve in category 112 significantly requires conducting the parallel exploration grid or rectangular grid with the exploration grid interval of 40 60 meters within the space of the exploration grid line between 20 to 30 meters. The .

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