Applying Technical Analysis Elliot Waves

Applying Technical Analysis Elliot Waves | GET Applying Technical Analysis Applying Technical Analysis Updated Feb 99 T-1 GET Applying Technical Analysis TRADING TECHNIQUES, INC. DISCLOSURE AND DISCLAIMER The information presented in this manual is con- Past performance is not a guarantee of future re- fidential and proprietary to Tom Joseph and Trad- sults. Only risk capital should be invested in the ing Techniques, Inc This information cannot Futures or Stock Market or any other financial in- be used, disclosed, or duplicated, without the strument. Neither Trading Techniques, Inc., nor Tom prior written consent of Tom Joseph or Trading Joseph, nor anyone else representing Trading Tech- Techniques, Inc This work is protected by the niques, Inc., or Tom Joseph, take or assume any Federal Copyright laws and no unauthorized responsibility or make any guarantees or make any copying, adaptation or distribution is permitted. specific trading recommendations in any of the above mentioned products, any of their additions, revisions, The material represented in the GET computer and addenda. All investments and trades carry risk, software, the GET User's Guide, Technical Sec- and all trading decisions of an individual remain the tion and any additions, revisions, or addenda, responsibility of that individual. are believed to be accurately presented. How- ever, it is not guaranteed as to accuracy or com- The client acknowledges and agrees that neither Tom pleteness, and is subject to change without no- Joseph nor Trading Techniques, Inc., (or their re- tice, at any time. There is no guarantee that the spective heirs or successors) makes any representa- systems, trading techniques, trading methods, in- tion or guarantee regarding the information and tech- dicators, and/or other information presented in niques described in the above mentioned products this manual will result in profits, or that they marketed by Tom Joseph or Trading Techniques, will not result in losses. It should not be as- Inc., or regarding how

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