Nghiên cứu lý thuyết và thực nghiệm xác định chiều dài triển khai của cốt thanh GFRP trong kết cấu bê tông nhẹ

Bài viết Nghiên cứu lý thuyết và thực nghiệm xác định chiều dài triển khai của cốt thanh GFRP trong kết cấu bê tông nhẹ trình bày tổng quan ứng xử dính bám của bê tông với cốt thanh GFRP; Chế tạo mẫu thí nghiệm xác định ứng xử dính bám; Mô hình thí nghiệm và thiết bị đo đạc. | Transport and Communications Science Journal Vol 72 Issue 9 12 2021 1034-1046 Transport and Communications Science Journal THEORICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION ON DEVELOPMENT LENGTH OF GFRP REBARS IN LIGHTWEIGHT CONCRETE STRUCTURE Tu Sy Quan1 Nguyen Van Tuoi2 Le Van Duong3 Nguyen Thanh Tam1 Tran The Truyen1 1 University of Transport and Communications No3 Cau Giay Street Hanoi Vietnam 2 The 5th Central College of Transport No28 Ngo Xuan Thu Street Danang Vietnam 3 Department of Science - Technology Ministry of Transport No80 Tran Hung Dao Street Hanoi Vietnam ARTICLE INFO TYPE Research Article Received 01 09 2021 Revised 10 10 2021 Accepted 05 11 2021 Published online 15 12 2021 https Corresponding author Email tusyquan@ Tel 84973767555 Abstract. The keramzit lightweight gravel used of coarse aggregate in concrete has been applied instead in construction works in Vietnam and around the world significantly reducing the weight of the superstructure and saving costs related to the mounting crane as well as the substructure. Besides the calculating in development length of the reinforcement bar based on bond behavior to the concrete matrix is a requiement for the design and installation of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer GFRP rebars in concrete structure. The standards also recommend a certain diminution of bond behavior for the cases of lightweight concrete conducing to a diminution of bearing capacity of the members. Therefore many pull-out tests for GFRP rebars were carried out on cube-shaped lightweight concrete specimens having the same mix proportion with three different diameters and with anchor lengths corresponding five times the rebar diameter. The American Canadian and Japanese standards referenced showing that theoretical calculations are more priori than experimental results obtained in term of safety. The research results are to make recommendations for design work especially in the case of structures using .

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