18.4. Dial-up Modem Connections

. Dial-up Modem Connections If you ask Apple, dial-up modems are dead. Macs don't even come with built-in modems anymore. You can get an external USB modem for $50, but clearly | . Dial-up Modem Connections If you ask Apple dial-up modems are dead. Macs don t even come with built-in modems anymore. You can get an external USB modem for 50 but clearly Apple is trying to shove the trusty dial-up technology into the recycling bin. Still millions of people never got the memo. If you re among them you need to sign up for Internet service. Hundreds of companies large and small would love to become your Internet service provider ISP generally charging 20 or so per month for the privilege of connecting you to the great Internet. Once you ve selected a service provider you plug its settings into the Network pane of System Preferences. You get the necessary information directly from your ISP by consulting either its Web page the instruction sheets that came with your account or a help-desk agent on the phone. Note The following instructions don t pertain to America Online. It comes with its own setup program and doesn t involve any settings in System Preferences. . Setting Up the Modem Open System Preferences and click Network. If your modem isn t already listed click the button at lower left from the Interface pop-up menu that appears choose External Modem and then click Create. Your modem connection now appears in the list at the left side of the pane. Click it. Now fill in the blanks like this Configuration. It s called Default at first which is fine. If you like you can choose Add Configuration from this pop-up menu and then name it after your ISP Earthlink for example . Telephone Number. This is the local access number that your modem is supposed to dial to connect to your ISP. Tip If you need your Mac to dial a 9 or an 8 for an outside line as you would from within a hotel or 70 to turn off Call Waiting add it to the beginning of the phone number followed by a comma. The comma means Pause for 2 seconds. You can also put the comma to good use when typing in the dialing sequence for a calling-card number. Account Name. This is your .

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