18.5. Switching Locations

. Switching Locations If you travel with a laptop, you know the drill. You're constantly opening up System Preferences Network so that you can switch between Internet settings: Ethernet at the office | . Switching Locations If you travel with a laptop you know the drill. You re constantly opening up System Preferences Network so that you can switch between Internet settings Ethernet at the office Wi-Fi at home. Or maybe you simply visit the branch office from time to time and you re getting tired of having to change the local access number for your ISP each time you leave home and return home again . The simple solution is the Location submenu which appears once you have set up more than one Location. As Figure 18-7 illustrates all you have to do istell it where you are. Mac OS X handles the details of switching Internet connections. Figure 18-7. The Location feature lets you switch from one location to another just by choosing its name either from the menu top or from this pop-up menu in System Preferences bottom . The Automatic location just means the standard default one you originally set up. Don t be fooled Despite its name Automatic isn t the only location that offers multihoming described earlier in this chapter. . Creating a New Location To create a Location which is nothing more than a set of memorized settings open System Preferences click Network and then choose Edit Locations from the Location pop-up menu. Continue as shown in Figure 18-8. Tip You can use the commands in the menu to rename or duplicate a Location. When you click Done you return to the Network panel. Take this opportunity to set up the kind of Internet connection you use at the corresponding location just as described on the first pages of this chapter. If you travel regularly you can build a list of Locations each of which knows the way you like to get online in each city you visit. A key part of making a new Location is putting the various Internet connection types Ethernet AirPort Modem Bluetooth into the correct order. Your connections will be slightly quicker if you give the modem priority in your Hotel setup the AirPort connection priority in your Starbucks setup and so

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