19.8. Notes

. Notes Let's face it: No operating system is complete without Notes. You have to have a place for little reminders, phone numbers, phone messages, Web addresses, brainstorms, shopping-list hints—anything that's worth writing down | . Notes Let s face it No operating system is complete without Notes. You have to have a place for little reminders phone numbers phone messages Web addresses brainstorms shopping-list hints anything that s worth writing down but too tiny to justify heaving a whole word processor onto its feet. The silly thing is how many people create reminders for themselves by sending themselves an email message. That system works but it s a bit inelegant. Fortunately Mac OS X now has a dedicated Notes feature. As a bonus it syncs automatically to the Notes folder of your iPhone s mail program or to other computers as long as you have an IMAP-style email account see the box on Section . Notes look like actual yellow notepaper with ruled lines but you can style em save em and even send em to your friends. You can type into them paste into them and attach pictures to them. And unlike loose scraps of paper or email messages to yourself that may get lost in your mailbox Notes stay obediently tucked in the Reminders section of the Mailboxes list so you can always find them when you need them. Tip Ordinarily Notes also appear in your Inbox at the top. If you prefer to keep your Inbox strictly for messages though you can remove the Notes. Choose Mail Preferences Accounts Mailbox Behaviors and then turn off Store notes in Inbox. The Notes will still be waiting for you in the side column down in the Reminders area. To create a note click the Note button on the Mail toolbar. You can also choose File New Note or press Control- -N to pop up a fresh piece of onscreen paper. Once you have your Note type your text and click the Fonts and Colors buttons at the top of the window to style it. To insert a picture click the Attach button and then find the photo or graphic on your Mac you want to use. Figure 19-21 shows an example. Note You can also attach other kinds of files to a Note ordinary documents for example. But you can t send such Notes to other people only Notes with pictures. .

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