19.9. To Dos

. To Dos You've got all this mail piling up with all sorts of things to remember: dinner dates, meeting times, project deadlines, car-service appointments. Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to remember to look through your mailbox to find out what you're supposed to be doing that day? | . To Dos You ve got all this mail piling up with all sorts of things to remember dinner dates meeting times project deadlines car-service appointments. Wouldn t it be great if you didn t have to remember to look through your mailbox to find out what you re supposed to be doing that day It would and it is thanks to Mail s To Do feature. And the best part is that Mail accesses the same To Do list as iCal. The same task list shows up in both programs. . Creating To Dos You can use To Dos in several different ways. For example when you get an email message that requires further action I need the photos for the condo association newsletter by Friday highlight the important part of the text. Then do any of these things Click To Do in the message window s toolbar. Choose File New To Do. Press Option- -Y. Control-click or right-click the highlighted text and then choose New To Do from the shortcut menu. In each case Mail pops a copy of the selected text into a yellow strip of note-style paper at the top of the message as shown in Figure 19-22. That task is also listed in the Reminders area of the Mailboxes list. If you need to see all the tasks that await you from all your mail accounts click the flippy triangle to have it spin open and reveal your chores. The number in the gray circle indicates how many To Do items you still need to do. Tip Control-click or right-click any item in this To Do list to open a shortcut menu that offers useful controls for setting its due date priority and calendar that is iCal category . When you click the To Do area of the Mailboxes list all your tasks are listed in the center of the Mail window. Click the gray arrow after each To Do subject line to jump back to the original message it came from. Tip Not all of your life s urgent tasks spring from email messages. Fortunately you can create standalone To Dos too. Just click the To Do button at the top of the Mail window when no message is selected. A blank item appears in your To Do

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