19.10. Address Book

. Address Book Address Book is Mac OS X's little-black-book program—an electronic Rolodex where you can stash the names, job titles, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and Internet chat screen names of all the people in your life | . Address Book Address Book is Mac OS X s little-black-book program an electronic Rolodex where you can stash the names job titles addresses phone numbers email addresses and Internet chat screen names of all the people in your life Figure 19-23 . Address Book can also hold related information like birthdays anniversaries and any other tidbits of personal data you d like to keep at your fingertips. Once you make Address Book the central repository of all your personal contact information you can call up this information in a number of convenient ways You can launch Address Book and search for a contact by typing just a few letters in the Search box. GEM IN THE ROUGH To Dos and Notes The Big Sync Whether you edit your To Do list and Notes in your email program Mail or your calendar program iCal they re always just one sync away from a Palm organizer a cellphone or an iPod. You do the iPod syncing in iTunes of all places. Just connect the iPod to the Mac select its icon in the source list and click the Contacts tab. Scroll to the Calendars area and turn on the calendars you want to copy to the iPod. Finally click the Apply button in the corner of the iTunes window. Once you ve synchronized iPod with Mac you can find your calendars and To Do items on the iPod at iPod Extras Calendars To Dos. And what about the iPhone If you have that glorious comination of a .Mac account and an iPhone your To Do items sync right over from your Mac to the iPhone. Find them on the phone in Mail Accounts .Mac Apple Mail To Do. Note To Dos and Notes from .Mac mail accounts sit in their own little area of the Reminders list in Mail. Control-click the .Mac ones in the shortcut menu you ll see options for syncing and editing with your shared calendar. If you check your .Mac mail in a Web browser when you re away from home you can see but not edit the Notes you ve created on your Mac. Your To Do list however doesn t show up in the Web-based version of .Mac mail. Yet anyway. Perhaps that

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