21.2. Three Chat Networks

The AIM network. If you've signed up for a .Mac address (the paid kind or the free kind described below) or a free AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) account, you can chat with anyone in the 150-million-member AOL Instant Messenger network. | . Three Chat Networks iChat lets you reach out to chat partners on three different networks The AIM network. If you ve signed up for a .Mac address the paid kind or the free kind described below or a free AOL Instant Messenger AIM account you can chat with anyone in the 150-million-member AOL Instant Messenger network. The Jabber network. Jabber is another chat network whose key virtue is itsopen-source origins. In other words it wasn t masterminded by some corporate media behemoth it s an all-volunteer effort joined by thousands of programmers all over the world. There s no one Jabber chat program like AOL Instant Messenger . There are dozens available for Mac OS X Windows Linux Unix Palm and PocketPC organizers and so on. All of them can chat with each other across the Internet in one glorious frenzy of typing. And now there s one more program that can join the party iChat. Google Talk. Evidently Google felt that there just weren t enough different chat programs because it released its own chat program in 2005. Behind the scenes it uses the Jabber network so Google Talk doesn t really count as a different network. Hence the headline. But it does mean that you can use iChat to converse with all those Google Talkers too. Your own local network. Thanks to the Bonjour network-recognition technology which Apple called Rendezvous before the Attack of the Trademark Lawyers you can communicate with other Macs on your own office network without signing up for anything at all and without being online. This is a terrific feature when you re sitting around a conference table idly chatting with colleagues using your wireless laptop and the boss thinks you re taking notes . Each network generally has its own separate Buddy List window and its own chat window but you can consolidate all of your various chats into a single window Section . You log into each network separately using the iChat Accounts submenu butyou can be logged into all of them at once. This is a great

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