21.5. Making a List

. Making a List When you start iChat, your buddy lists automatically appear (Figure 21-2). If you don't see them, choose the list you want from the Window menu: Bonjour, Buddy List, or Jabber. (Or press their keyboard shortcuts: -1, -2, or -3.) | . Making a List When you start iChat your buddy lists automatically appear Figure 21-2 . If you don t see them choose the list you want from the Window menu Bonjour Buddy List or Jabber. Or press their keyboard shortcuts -1 -2 or -3. Adding a buddy to this list entails knowing that person s account name whether it s on AIM or Jabber. Once you have it you can either choose Buddies Add Buddy Shift- -A or click the button at the bottom-left corner of the window. Down slides a sheet attached to the Buddy List window offering a window into the Address Book program Chapter 19 . Tip As you accumulate buddies your Buddy List may become crowded. If you choose View Show Offline Buddies so that the checkmark disappears only your currently online buddies show up in the Buddy List a much more meaningful list for the temporarily lonely. Figure 21-2. Left Click the button to add a new buddy either by choosing from your address book or from scratch by clicking New Person . If you ve used AIM before you may find that you ve already got buddies in your list. AIM accounts store their buddy lists on AOL s computers so that you can keep your buddies even if you switch computers. Right Is your Buddy List taking up too much screen space Use the options in the View menu to lose the buddy pictures and other chunky icons to streamline the window. If your chat companion is already in Address Book scroll through the list until you find the name you want or enter the first few letters into the Search box click the name and then click Select Buddy. If not click New Person and enter the buddy s AIM address .Mac address or if you re in the Jabber list Jabber address. You re adding this person to both your Buddy List and your Address Book. . Broadcasting Your Status Using the pop-up menu just below your name Figure 21-3 right you can display your current mental status to other people s buddy lists. You can announce that you re Available Away or Drunk. You have to choose Edit .

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