22.4. Remote Access with SSH

. Remote Access with SSH Are you a geek? Take this simple test at home. Do you get excited about Mac OS X's ability to permit SSH access? If you answered "What's SSH?" or "I'm already being quiet | . Remote Access with SSH Are you a geek Take this simple test at home. Do you get excited about Mac OS X s ability to permit SSH access If you answered What s SSH or I m already being quiet then the following discussion of Unix remote control may not interest you. To be sure SSH is not a program with a graphic user interface icons and menus .You operate it from within a program like Terminal by typing commands exactly as described in Chapter 16. If you re willing to overlook that little peccadillo though SSH Secure Shell is an extremely powerful tool. It lets you connect to your Mac from any where froms across the network or across the Internet. And once you re connected you can take complete control of it copying files running commands rearranging folders or even shutting it down all by remote control. . Getting In Here s how you go about using SSH 1. Set up your Mac by opening the Sharing panel of System Preferences and then turning on the Remote Login checkbox. You ve just told the Mac it s OK for you or other people with accounts on your machine to connect from the road. Quit System Preferences. 2. Go away You can move to another machine on the network or another computer on the Internet. Once you re online with that other machine you can contact your home base machine from within a program like Terminal. Tip It doesn t have to be Terminal and it doesn t have to be a Mac. You can get SSH client programs for almost any kind of computer including Windows and Mac OS pre-Mac OS X Macs for example you can try Mac SSH or NiftyTelnet SSH both of which you can download from this book s Missing CD page at . For Windows try Putty . 3. At the prompt type ssh -l chris . Press Enter. Instead of chris substitute your short account name as you re known on the Mac you re tapping into and replace the phony IP address shown here with your real public address. If your Mac back home has a domain name unto itself .

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