D.3. Advanced Books, Programming Books

. Advanced Books, Programming Books By a happy coincidence, this book is published by O'Reilly Media, the industry's leading source of technical books for Mac users, programmers, and system administrators. | . Advanced Books Programming Books By a happy coincidence this book is published by O Reilly Media the industry s leading source of technical books for Mac users programmers and system administrators. If this book has whetted your appetite for more advanced topics these current and upcoming books on Unix programming Mac OS X and administering large networks could come in handy. . Mac Essentials AppleScript The Missing Manual by Adam Goldstein. This book is a patient witty guide to the basics of scripting your Mac with AppleScript. Step-by-step examples include batch-renaming files in the Finder altering and applying text styles in TextEdit tweaking QuickTime movie files and much more. AppleScript The Definitive Guide by Matt Neuburg. Once you ve got the basics down this book takes you deeper into AppleScript teaching you the finer details of the language from the ground up. Mac OS X Leopard Pocket Guide by Chuck Toporek. Need a handy guide to Mac OS X Leopard that you can carry around in your laptop bag This small book fits in your pocket just as easily as it does your computer bag and includes hundreds of tips for using and configuring Mac OS X . . Unix Essentials Learning Unix for Mac OS X Tiger by Dave Taylor. A tour of the Mac s Unix base for the uninitiated. Includes descriptions of the hundreds of Unix programs that come with the Mac. Plenty of this material is relevant although the book has not been updated for Leopard. Learning the bash Shell 3rd Edition by Cameron Newham. If you plan on using the Terminal application to do Unixy stuff on your Mac this book shows you your way around Leopard s default shell bash. Learning GNU Emacs 3rd Edition by Debra Cameron James Elliott Marc Loy Eric S. Raymond and Bill Rosenblatt. A guide to the GNU emacs editor one of the most widely used and powerful Unix text editors. Learning the vi and vim Editors 7th Edition by Linda Lamb Elbert Hannah and Arnold Robbins. A complete guide to editing with vi and .

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