Microsoft Windows Vista Tutorials [VTC]

Microsoft Windows Vista Tutorials [VTC] Title: Microsoft Windows Vista Author: Eric Butow SKU: 33741 ISBN: 1-933736-64-X Release Date: 2007-02-05 Duration: 5 hrs / 149 lessons Compatibility | Microsoft Windows Vista Tutorials VTC Title Microsoft Windows Vista Author Eric Butow SKU 33741 ISBN 1-933736-64-X Release Date 2007-02-05 Duration 5 hrs 149 lessons Compatibility Win Vista XP 2000 Mac OS X Linux Windows Vista is Microsoft s latest Operating system. New features of the system include set up ease more security and reliability and compatibility with the widest range of software devices and services. Windows Vista contains a number of new security features including built in firewall and spam filter. Windows Vista also has a new design with a high ends graphical user interface and new desktop features. VTC Author Eric Butow guides users through the basics of the new and updated features of this major operating system upgrade Read more to see Course Outline download links Course Outline Introduction About This CD 02 26 New in Windows Vista 02 33 Overview of Windows Vista 02 46 Logging On 01 41 The Welcome Center 01 52 Security Features 01 43 Logging Off 02 15 The Windows Desktop Icons 02 24 The Taskbar 01 35 The Start Menu 01 52 The Windows Sidebar 02 06 Using Gadgets 02 11 Starting A Program 01 52 Parts of a Window 02 37 Getting From One Window Level to Another 02 32 Accessing Built-In Folders 01 47 Search from the Start Menu 01 31 Finding Assistance Troubleshooting 02 38 Personalizing Windows Access the Personalization Window 01 26 Change the Window Color Appearance 01 50 Choose the Desk top Background 02 02 Set the Screen Saver 02 36 Change Your Sounds 01 52 Mouse Pointers 02 01 Change the Theme 01 36 Adjust the Display Settings 02 27 Change Desktop Icons 02 38 Adjust the Font Size 01 25 Connect to a Projector 01 51 Customize the Taskbar Start Menu 03 13 Change Folder Options 02 07 Increase Windows Accessibility 02 24 Add or Remove a Font 01 41 Change the Date Time 02 46 Turn Windows Features On Off 01 47 Installing Uninstalling Software View Installed Programs 01 34 Installing a Program from a CD or DVD 01 34 Get New Programs from Windows .

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