Portable MAGIC WINXPE Bootable from USB 2.0

Hello with All and All, Here is MAGIC_WINXPE_USB_BOOTABLE_BY_HAIPHONG_ET_OLIVE With this, you will be able to create a Key USB or External Disc USB “Botable”, with the Maximum of Useful Programs. | Portable MAGIC WINXPE Bootable from USB KEY THIS IS THE TRANSLATION IN ENGLISH BY Systran 6 modified by Me Sorry for my Bad English color Hello with All and All Here is MAGIC_WINXPE_USB_BOOTABLE_BY_HAIPHONG_ET_OLIVE With this you will be able to create a Key USB or External Disc USB Botable with the Maximum of Useful Programs. I added nearly 450 Mo of Drivers and you can connect a various Cardts Controllers in particular such as PCI Express SATA 2 and others. Those which have a recent machine will be happy because the Boot is fast and the loading of the Programs instantaneous . You will have no latency time Latency between the Click and the real Loading of the Program which you have on CD or a DVD. The updates of antivirus and anti-malwares will be done directly on the Key. I have Boted in 3 minute 30 seconds with a Mother Card ASUS A8N-E and a Processor Athlon 3200 and with a Key Intuix S500 of 2 Go Reading with 24 Mo s and Writing with 14 Mo s . ATTENTION If you use a Key USB you need absolutely a Key Ultra High Speed On the Key or Hard drive USB you have the Menu Manager which will enable you to add programs. I tested on 5 different Machines and all the Peripherals were detected Here are some Screenshots which will give you one Seen of what you can make DeskTop Start Menu w BGInfo Adware De vice Tools aQag Malware Tools System Explorers Firewall Gestionnaire de fichiers Accessories Acronis AdawareSE Antivirus Antivirus Tools a Audio Reader Backup a Cloning CD Burning Tools Compression Démarrage System Information System Tools V internals ERD Commander 2003 XP Support Tools internet Tools Jeux Linux Utilities UnknownDevices VLC Media Player Fr XnView Fr Registry Tools Sauvegarde Driver Security æ DAEMON Tools Detect Devices Explorer shell . Fab s Autobackup Internet Explorer Invite de commandes IsoBuster Fr KAV Fr Microsoft Excel 97 SR-2 Fr _fj Microsoft Powerpoint 97 SR-2 Fr gy Microsoft

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