Speedy Vista V3 OEM ( Win O ndows Vista Ultimate 32bit )

Vista Is back with V3. Better and Faster Then Before! n SpeedyV sta? What Is SpeedyVis all hat now Vista is a m modified ver rsion Ok, for a of you th don't kn what it is, SpeedyV of Wind dows Vista 32 Bit Ultim 3 mate. | Speedy Vista V3 OEM Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit - SpeedyVista Is back with V3. Better and Faster Then Before What Is SpeedyVista Ok for all of you that don t know what it is SpeedyVista is a modified version of Windows Vista 32 Bit Ultimate. Its had vigarous tweaks and many components removed See Below to produce the best version of Vista Yet What s Gone -Accessiblity -Welcome Center -Speech Support -Games Explorer -Inbox Games -Premium Inbox Games -Internet Small Computer System Interface -Japenese Language -Korean Language -Simplified Chinese Language -Traditional Chinese Language -Movie and DVD Maker -ScreenSavers -Wallpapers -Media Samples -Security Center Gets rid of DAMN UAC ALERTS -Help Files -Microsoft Agent -Natural Language -Tablet PC -Windows Defender -Windows Easy Transfer -All Display Adapters Drivers -Modem Drivers -Printer Drivers -Windows Sidebar and Gadgets -Offline Files -Performance Counters -Plus More. Its Fully Activated Genuine Thanks to Vista Boot loader you can receive all Microsoft Updates and other Genuine Goodies PROOF B Windows Task Manager File Options View Help Applications Processes Services Performance Networking Users CPU Usage History CPU Usage UÛ iuniaiEÜ vräiiMHiii iiiMWHiüsiñiHiiiiii Memory Physical Memory MB Total Cached Free 254 105 0 System Handles Threads Processes 9005 441 39 Kernel Memory MB Total Paged Nonpaged Up Time Page File 0 11 31 343M 126ÓM 61 47 14 Resource Monitor. CPU Usage 50 Physical Memory 77 e Processes 39 Do unload Code http files 83815039 http files 83815011 http files 83815215 http files 83814806 http files 83815049 http files 83814998 .

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