Ielts preparationg and practice rading and writing part 4

In this way you will develop an understanding of the most efficient test strategies. The Analysis and Practice section comes after the Demonstration and it is here the skills and strategies from the Demonstration will be explained in detail. | e. How to remember f. Structuring exam essays g. Practising long exam essays h. Concentration i. Working with others j. Having a balanced timetable Questions 1-5 In which section s would you look to find an answer for a question about 1 techniques for improving your memory 2 how to practise answering exam questions 3 study groups 4 study hours 5 personal and psychological factors Check your answers with the Answer Key. Note If the text has no subheadings or very few subheadings then you can still get an idea of the text s organisation quickly by reading the first sentence of each paragraph. Remember the first sentence of a paragraph in many English texts will give you the main topic or main idea of that paragraph. ACTIVITY 10 Only parts the first sentence from each paragraph of the following text are showing. Read them and answer the questions. 26 IELTS Preparation and Practice Time target 2-3 minutes jW FIRST DEGREE COURSES jW COURSES 1. First degrees are the first degree you can take after leaving school unlike a higher degree or masters degree. 2. Arts social science and pure science degrees normally last three years in England Wales and Northern lieland because they are designed to follow a very specialised school-leaving qualification. 3. First degree courses that include professional training take longer. 4. Apart from undergraduate courses there is a second type of higher educational qualification in the UK known as the Higher National Diploma or HND. TEACHING AND ASSESSMENT 5. UK universities and colleges use a range of teaching methods. LECTURES SEMINARS TUTORIALS 6. Assessment of students work may be done in several different ways but most universities still use some form of written examination. 7. Continuous assessment is an increasingly popular method of assessment. The Reading Test 27 8. Many first degree honours courses require students to write a dissertation which is an extended essay on a subject of the student s choice chosen in consultation with

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