Ielts preparationg and practice rading and writing part 5

The Analysis and Practice section comes after the Demonstration and it is here the skills and strategies from the Demonstration will be explained in detail. You will have an opportunity to practise what you have learned in various activities; and, since working effectively in a limited time is very important in tests, each activity has a Time target. | paragraph section that is related to that topic. This is because there are only a few questions while there are a lot of paragraphs sections. Therefore many of the paragraphs sections do not contain an answer and you will waste your time if you try to look for one. ACTIVITY 14 The following text consists of a set of short notices about a careers information program. It is an example of a text in which you cannot find the main idea in the first sentence. Consequently you will have to skim a little more slowly. However every notice has a heading and these may help you to identify what the notices are about. Time target 6 minutes Questions 1-5 The Industry Visit Workshops notice on the next page has information about 10 guest speakers at a school giving information about their jobs. The notices are labelled a-j. Write the appropriate letters a-j in boxes 1-5 on your answer sheet. Note You may use any letter more than once. Example Answer Which talk would you attend if you b wanted to work with children 1 Which talk would you attend if you were interested in working in a department store 2 Which talk would you attend to find out about working for a newspaper 3 Which speaker will probably talk about charitable and social work 4 Which speaker will talk about computing 5 Which speaker would you expect to talk about the importance of personal appearance Check your answers with the Answer Key. Careers Information Program This term 10 guest speakers will be coming to the school to talk about their jobs. The program is as follows 36 1ELTS Preparation and Practice a. Against the law Find out about the workings of a large inner-city legal firm. Find out how the support staff handle the complex workings of the court. Learn how to interpret the legalese used in legal documents. b. Growing concerns This speaker will explain how local authority childcare services operate. Areas covered in the talk include pre-school and day-care facilities and activities. c. Fastfood The sick and .

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