Ielts preparationg and practice rading and writing part 6

You will have an opportunity to practise what you have learned in various activities; and, since working effectively in a limited time is very important in tests, each activity has a Time target. The Time target gives you a suggested time limit for completing the activity. | Questions 5-9 Complete the table below using A NUMBER OR NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS. Write your answers in boxes 5-9 on your answer sheet. When Where What 1950-2000 Greater Bombay Example an increase of more than 12 million inhabitants 5 developing countries half of the people will be living in cities 1950-1985 6 the number of people living in cities increased by 3 times 2000 7 will be the city with the third largest population 1985-2000 Asia the number of people living in cities will grow by 8 9 various cities in developing countries a large percentage of people living in illegal housing Questions 10-13 The following is a brief summary of part of the reading passage. Complete each gap in the summary by choosing a word from the box. Note There are more words than gaps so you will not need to use them all. You may use any word more than once. Summary Example Urban growth is a problem when it is faster than the growth in jobs and essential services. 46 IELTS Preparation and Practice Many people living in. 10 .have inadequate housing without sanitation or clean water supplies. There are two main ways of addressing these problems. The first is to improve conditions in cities for example by providing cheaper more secure housing and improving urban . 11 .The second is to spend more money on . 12 .development thereby. 13 .the rates of migration from rural to urban areas. developing countries problem housing reducing urban rural cities growing expensive environments increase How to Answer In this section we show you how to answer only some of the Demonstration questions. At the end of Section 3 we will ask you to answer the remaining questions using the skills and strategies that you learn and practise in the following pages. Step 1 Survey the text The title of the extract Urbanisation tells you if you know the word that the text is about the growth or development of cities. There are 8 paragraphs labelled A-H. No other information is available from quickly surveying the .

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