Ielts preparationg and practice rading and writing part 7

The Time target gives you a suggested time limit for completing the activity. Follow the instructions for each activity and when you have finished, check your answers in the Answer Key at the back of the book. | five or six workers are injured in robot accidents in Japan and there have been many more near-misses . But as the ILO points out more than 100 000 robots are used in Japanese factories. D In the United States as well control problems account for a large share of injuries to workers but one fatality described in the report was the result of a worker simply ignoring safety precautions and attempting to clean up an area where a robot was operating. E Even when robots are used safely other problems may develop says the report. When robots create unemployment of humans workers may suffer from ulcers colitis and emotional stress. New jobs created by robotisation generate stress too such as anxiety in trying to keep pace with a robot s work pace. F In general while technological innovation may free people from physical labour it may give rise to mental load the report notes and it is thought likely that new occupational diseases may arise in time. The development of a special curriculum in Japan known as robot medicine acknowledges the connection between emerging technology and stress. G The report cites several rules for robot workers that may help prevent future injuries. For example robots should be easy to operate. Robots should also be designed so that in the event of a breakdown they can only harm themselves and not humans. In addition robots should leave an area after finishing their task so that they do not interfere with other workers human or robotic. H The report also mentions rules that will help reduce robot-related anxieties. Robots must not replace people in desirable jobs but only jobs people do not wish to do or find dangerous. Also robots must obey humans so that they do not psychologically or physically oppress people. Finally if robots replace humans on a job the people affected must give their approval. Paragraph Main topic A Introduction B The ways that injuries happen C D 56 IELTS Preparation and Practice E and F G H Check your answers in the .

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