Ielts preparationg and practice rading and writing part 8

There are also Practice Reading and Writing tests For you to attempt once you have completed all the activities- There is a sample Reading answer sheet on page 155 for you to photocopy and use each time that you do a Practice Reading test. The answers for these tests are also included in the Answer Key. | page 2 SECTION 1 Questions 1-12 Questions 1-5 Look at the advertisement for cheap theatre tickets. Match the information about the service with questions A-F in the picture. Write the appropriate letters A-F in boxes 1-5 on your answer sheet. Do you sell tickets to rock concerts How do I pay How can I find out in advance what tickets will be available through Cheap-Tix Can you recommend a show How does Cheap-Tix work Is there any limit to the number of tickets I can bu ri Example Cheap-Tix staff are theatre lovers too. They see almost every show in town and can give advice on a show to suit your requirements. Tourist maps and brochures are also available at the Cheap-Tix booth. Answer A 66 I 1ELTS Preparation and Practice page 3 1 In a word. cash . Credit cards cheques or travellers cheques are not accepted. 2 Tickets available to shows all over town are collected each morning from theatre box offices and ticket agencies and are offered for sale from 10 . at the Cheap-Tix booth in the city mall. 3 Cheap-Tix does not offer advance bookings or sales information. Customers must come in person to the Cheap-Tix booth on the day of performance. Shows available are listed on the bulletin boards. There is no direct telephone link with the Cheap-Tix sales booth. 4 Anyone who goes to the Cheap-Tix booth can buy whatever tickets are available making the service ideal for groups. 5 Cheap-Tix will sell tickets to any show it can get. This includes rock concerts and musicals. Questions 6-9 Read the following advice about preventing tetanus. Do the statements that follow agree with the information given in the text In the boxes 6-9 on your answer sheet write TRUE if the statement is true FALSE if the statement is false NOT GIVEN if the information is not given in the passage Tetanus Injection All wounds carry a risk of infection. Dirty wounds in particular carry a risk of tetanus infection. The bacteria that cause tetanus are present in the soil and in animal faeces. If they .

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