Ielts preparation and practice reading and writing part 11

• Section 3 has one longer text (about 700 words) with more complex lan¬ guage and structure. The text will be about a general topic and will come from sources like general interest magazines. | page 4 Look at the following statements after reading the notice about Medicare. In boxes 3-6 on your answer sheet write TRUE FALSE NOT GIVEN if the statement is true if the statement is false if the information is not given in the notice Example Medicare does not pay for glasses. Answer TRUE 3 Medicare does not pay for any work done by dentists. 4 Medicare pays for ambulance fees. 5 If you have not seen a doctor first Medicare will not pay for you to see a specialist. 6 Medicare will pay at least some hospital doctor s costs for both private and public patients. Questions 7-12 You want to send some international mail. Read the text International Postal Services on the next page and answer questions 6-11 using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. Write your answers in boxes 7-12 on your answer sheet. 7 If you do not pay enough postage for airmail how may your letter or package be sent 8 How much does it cost to send a postcard by airmail 9 What does the post office use to follow the movement of priority mail 10 Which is the best priority service if you want to send expensive jewellery abroad 11 If you send something by either international recorded or international registered what does the person receiving it have to do 12 What kind of service is faster than swiftair 94 IELTS Preparation and Practice page 5 INTERNATIONAL POSTAL SERVICES GETTING THE PRICE RIGHT It pays to get the postage right when you re sending mail abroad. Anything intended for airmail but underpaid stands the risk of being sent by surface mail instead. So make sure that you check the postage when mailing abroad. STAMP BOOKS For extra convenience remember international stamp books. There are two available 4 x 4Ip stamps with airmail labels for sending 10 g letters anywhere outside of Europe. 4 x 35p stamps with airmail labels for sending postcards to anywhere in the world. PRIORITY TREATMENT PRIORITY SERVICES FOR YOUR INTERNATIONAL MAIL These three new services incorporate the latest barcode

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