Ielts preparation and practice reading and writing part 13

There is a variety of questions. Often there are examples of how to answer the questions. You may mark or write on the question paper, but all answers must be written on the answer sheet. | ACTIVITY 27 Based on your notes from Activity 25 write a plan for a letter to answer Sample question 3. Remember to keep the plan as brief as possible. Time target 1 to 2 minutes Note Do not check the Answer Key yet. Wait until you have finished Activity 28. ACTIVITY 28 It is important that you include in your letter all the tilings that the task tells you to do. Look for key words like write explain ask give tell. Following are two sample plans for Sample question 3. Both of them omit some important information that is specifically required by the task. Read each plan and say what is missing in each case. Plan 1 when had dinner want to complain service lad no menu loncj wait lor ood loncj irait lor ill food lad too salty not fresh stomach-ache expensive won I come acjain Plan 2 when had dinner ivanl Io complain over-cooked too spicy small cpiantilij expensive demands Now re-check the plan you did in the previous activity. Does it omit anything Compare your plan with the sample plan for Activity 27 in the Answer Key. Step 4 Write the letter When you write a letter using your plan you should think about how to expand the points you have noted. For example in the Demonstration letter the writer is supposed to explain why he she cannot attend the party. Instead of just saying that he she has a test the letter says what land of test why it is important and how the writer med unsuccessfully to reschedule it. The task also instructs the writer to suggest another date or some other solution. In the letter the writer gave a choice of dates and gave several ways to be contacted. 114 L 1ELTS Preparation and Practice You should give information that is relevant and realistic. Remember also that you cannot give too much information about any one point because you have to finish all the main points of the question. For the beginning and the ending of your letter there are a limited number of options Beginning Ending If you don t know the name of the addressee If you know the .

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