Ielts preparation and practice reading and writing part 17

There is a sample Reading answer sheet on page 155 for you to photocopy and use each time that you do a Practice Reading test. The answers for these tests are also included in the Answer Key. | TASK 2 To answer this question in a relevant way you have to explain your opinion about stars earning a lot of money give an opinion about people like nurses and teachers who have more useful jobs but who earn much less money and explain your opinion. Introductory paragraph state your opinion Reasons for the opinion Answer the second part of the question. Qive reasons Conclusion offering a solution It seems that salaries often do not relate to skill education or the value of the employee to society. In my opinion this is wrong and I feel changes should be made to ensure that people such as pop stars do not earn such huge amounts of money. If we take die example of a pop star such as Madonna it is hard to see in what way she benefits society. In fact her behaviour could even have a negative effect on young people and encourage them to experiment widi sex and drugs and develop a materialistic attitude. In addition her job does not require special skills or years of training and education. Therefore there is no justification for her receiving so much money. Although she provides entertainment for people 1 do not think this can be considered essential. On the other hand there are many professions which not only require high skills and years of education but also help odier people and the community in general. Clearly doctors nurses and teachers are much more useful in fact essential to society than entertainment and sports figures. Their salaries should reflect their dedication and the heavy responsibilities they face in their jobs. However even if we accept this idea the problem of how we could make salaries fairer remains. Pop stars receive royalties from sales of their records or concert tickets. How could this money be taken away and given to more deserving people Perhaps die only solution is through much higher taxes for people who earn excessively high salaries. Practice Test 5 TASK 1 This letter makes a request. The style is informal because the letter is to a .

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