SAS/Warehouse Administrator 2.3 Metadata API- P36

SAS/Warehouse Administrator Metadata API- P36: The operating system and SAS version that are associated with a given host are now available through the WHHOST property. For example, you can write a SAS/Warehouse Administrator add-in that reads the host metadata that is associated with a given data store and then uses these values to generate code that is appropriate for the operating system and SAS version. | 172 WHLDRODT A Chapter 3 6 Select Edit Load Step. 7 Enter the process information. Properties The following table lists all of the properties for WHLDRODT and indicates how you can use each property with metadata API methods. In the table you can specify properties with a Yes in the Indirect Add column when you indirectly add one object through another as described in the documentation for the _UPDATE_METADATA_ method. Use this approach to add a new dependent object. For details see Using _UPDATE_METADATA_ on page 46. You can pass properties with a Yes in the Update column to the _UPDATE_METADATA_ method as described in the documentation for this method. Use this method to update properties of an existing object. For details see Using _UPDATE_METADATA_ on page 46. Req indicates that the property is required you must provide a value for this property when you use a given method. Default indicates that the system will provide a default value for that property if you do not provide one. Auto supplied means that the property is automatically supplied any value that you specify for such a property is ignored. Properties with a Yes in the Read Method Expand Parm column are valid with the expand parameter of the _GET_METADATA_ method. This method enables you to get detailed metadata about a property and its associated objects through a single method call. Properties Type Indirect Add Update Method Read Method Expand Parm. Administrator L No No No Cvalue C Yes Yes No Desc C Auto supplied No No Extended Attributes L Yes Yes Yes Host L Yes Yes No Id C Req Req No Load Options L Yes Yes No Metadata Created C Auto supplied No No Metadata Updated C Auto supplied No No Name C Auto supplied No No Note L Yes Yes Yes NValue N Yes Yes No Output Tables L Auto supplied No No Owner L No No No SAS Warehouse Administrator Metadata Types A WHLDRSUM 173 Responsibility C Default Yes No Source Code L No No Yes Source File L Yes Yes Yes Step Source Code L Auto No Yes supplied Subprocesses L .

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