Assignment of Applied Ling

English is proved to be a vehicle for international communication. In order to meet the demands of modern society, language teachers should not focus on reciting but should teach from their own understanding of language learning and help learners gain more competence with confidence. However, it is not a easy work, especially teaching pronunciation. It isn t difficult to appreciate the reasons for this: in spoken interaction, pronunciation is often the first barrier to intelligibility, and uncertainty about pronunciation is often a major reason for learners lack of confidence in speaking | It is very difficult for English learners whose mother tongue is Vietnamese to achieve a pronunciation that sounds like a native speaker's. Discussions of the pronunciation of English as an international language have also emphasised the fact that native-like pronunciation is also unnecessary for many learners, and may indeed not be wanted. It has been suggested that intelligibility is a more appropriate objective than conformity to any pre-existing model. Proposals have been made for an agenda of high-priority features which are particularly important for intelligibility. These include consonant sounds (excluding 'th' sounds, which are often difficult for learners of English, but unimportant for intelligibility), consonant clusters (except at the ends of words), contrasts between long and short vowels, and tonic stress. Features which are less important for intelligibility, such as precise vowel qualities, weak forms, and features of connected speech and pitch movements would not be included in teaching programmes. Intelligibility is a complex issue, however, and no doubt depends on different pronunciation features in different contexts, not to mention factors unconnected with pronunciation. Also, of course, learners have different priorities and aspirations - including for some (though probably a decreasing number) a wish to achieve a native-like pronunciation.

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